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The QTI scale with the most associations were Helping or Friendly and Understanding behaviors while Student Responsibility/Freedom, Uncertain, and Admonishing behaviors had no apparent association.
Admonishing Sangster, Sheriff Montgomery told her: "Drawing on my experiences of life, I take a much less serious view of these incidents than the Crown do.
They do everything from singing the national anthem and ``Amazing Grace'' to poetically admonishing Eddie and warning him of the danger he faces through his action.
It's highly dangerous for a help line to be admonishing someone who is very well already feeling low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts," he said.
Gilbert & George know this quite well and in response--some might say too quickly and too obviously--have dropped their trousers and knickers, admonishing us to "go in the street and listen.
Pink Sheets:GVRP) announced today that the NASD had issued a Special Notice admonishing NASD Member Firms and other interested parties to "exercise great caution when executing customer or proprietary trades, including member-to-member transactions for the purposes of resolving open fails, until such time as members can be assured that the shares in circulation were part of a bona-fide issuance.