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The five-year average of disciplinary sanctions imposed annually includes 80 disbarments, 142 suspensions, 40 public reprimands, 41 admonishments, and 40 probation orders.
But the Judicial Conduct Commission filed an anti-discrimination complaint against him, forcing the judge to sign a formal admonishment in which he conceded that his actions "appeared to express a discriminatory intent against a statutorily protected class of people, thereby undermining public confidence in his impartiality.
If we read these poems against the background of the period and of the poet as a man of faith we could provide the dark poems of faith with a religious conclusion as well, and interpret them in the spirit of the poems of admonishment and faith.
The conduct committee finally ruled: "The committee was satisfied that an admonishment of one year's duration was sufficient to maintain public confidence in the social work profession.
Cantor was responding to President Obama's admonishment on Wednesday that "saying 'no' to everything may be good short-term politics, but it's not leadership.
Dubai: America's Cup challenger BMW Oracle Racing received some good news and a surprise admonishment from a New York judge on Tuesday.
In the wake of Mosley's admonishment, Ferrari must now opt whether to pursue such an avenue and cause further disruption.
Baffour Ankomah's admonishment that if Africa engages in secret societies things will be better is fundamentally flawed.
It's your chance to plant kisses on the rosy cheeks of the good, and pile bilesoaked admonishment on the heads of the bad.
About 30 percent were resolved through administrative punishments like transfers or letters of admonishment.
Last week the GSCC found the social worker had breached the code of practice and said an admonishment should lie on her file for three years.
This supports Zuniga's(2004) admonishment that professionals need to meet and personally get to know families from different cultures.