adopt an opinion

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The EMA , which is responsible for the centralized authorisation procedure for human and veterinary medicines in the EU, will evaluate and adopt an opinion on whether the medicine should be approved for marketing.
The Council will adopt an opinion on the report in February in order to allow for the discharge of the 2009 EU budget.
The SCENIHR is also requested to examine new scientific evidence and adopt an opinion on the impact of the risk of transmission of WNV through blood transfusion from infected donors beyond the current deferral period for 4 weeks.
The Council should adopt an opinion on Portugal's updated stability programme (see Europe Information 2973) aiming to bring the country's public deficit down to less than 3% of GDP by 2008.
Ministers will also adopt an opinion on assessment of the stability programmes for Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria, and convergence programmes for the Czech Republic and Sweden (see previous issue for further details).
The Committee adopted a report by Jorge Salvador Hernandez Mollar (EPP-ED, Spain) rejecting the draft Directive which paradoxically might have saved the initiative since Parliament was again in a position to adopt an Opinion at its April 19-22 plenary session.
In theory, the Council will adopt an opinion on the Stability Programmes of the five Member States mentioned above and on Sweden's Convergence Programme (see European Report 2741, same section).
The EU's Economic and Social Committee (ESC) proceeded, during its April 28/29 plenary session in Brussels, to adopt an Opinion on European Commission proposals tabled last July 22 involving free movement and residency of workers.
In the light of a European Commission Recommendation, the Council of Ministers will adopt an Opinion on Finland's economic stability programme and Greece's convergence programme (see European Report No 2347).