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Relation of creativity and social adoptability with educational performance amongst high school students in Zanjan city", Educational Management scientific research seasonal, 3rd year, 2: 14-28.
will make a final determination of the child's adoptability and
Not to mention, its high adoptability with flexible screens of Galaxy S5 is said to minimise the effects of change.
1993), job satisfaction, (Oliver and Anderson, 1994), confidence (Gist and Mitchell, 1992) and adoptability (Scott and Bruce, 1994).
Instructional Effectiveness and Adoptability of Multimedia Instructional Modules in E-Learning.
A new approach and paradigm is required that can encourage- practice and participation, receptivity and adoptability, and rational selection of the business venture.
Earlier in his keynote speech, Al-Madani explained new Islamic instruments that facilitate trade and liquidity management, such as Salam, in which the price is paid in advance and the commodity is delivered in the future, need to be standardised in order to gain wider acceptance and adoptability across countries.
He adds that GBM has observed the UAE as "pretty much in the forefront" in terms of adoptability of virtualisation.
In order to examine the impact of these criteria on the level of acceptance and adoptability of existing ERP systems for an SMSCO environment, we decided to design a questionnaire to distribute among a select group of construction industry professionals who are familiar with ERP systems and their applications.
Speakers gave an in-depth review on the vector responsible for dengue and pointed out the misconception many had about the adoptability of variation in the life cycle of the aides' mosquito.
Second, solar technology selected is not appropriate for on-grid application as its adoptability to the existing grid remains problematic, and in some cases, disruptive to the grid.
M*Modal, the market leader in advanced Speech Understanding technology, combines industry leading technology and clinical documentation services to produce highly accurate, structured, encoded and shareable medical documents to facilitate the use and adoptability of electronic health records.