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The work concludes with Elia and the adorably lisping Amir reading a manifesto inciting "children of the world" to unite and "not accept inheritance" but "steal it.
For the most adorably unique and child-friendly clothing, pay a visit to the Organic Foods and Cafe in Dubai.
Beach Babies Wear Shades and Winter Babies Wear Layers show adorably stylish babies taking part in every activity under the sun (and snowflakes).
Presiding over that lengthy feast of song and dance, hand in hand with the now immortal Psyche, was the adorably cherubic, winged Cupid of young Jake Wilder-Smith, showing as much aplomb as any of his elders.
I'm a fairly upbeat, happy person, but by time I've watched adorably perky Rachael Ray cook, I feel like cranky Andy Rooney by comparison.
He's cute; he's small; and he won't blow up the world" is FCNL's satirical introduction to this adorably animated little nuke, but the Quakers' ironic rhetoric is not far off from the actual verbiage the Pentagon and White House have deployed to improve the palatability of their longed-for retooling of America's nuclear weapons.
Playing a Type A-plus-plus lawyer who's finally learning to acknowledge her sapphic side, Finneran is brilliantly funny and adorably vulnerable.
At the video store, I asked the adorably cute desk clerk with a crystal hanging around his neck and a ring on his finger to give me the next best thing since I can't have him, so he hands me this tape called 'What the Bleep Do We Know
For those not familiar with Suzuki's rich automotive heritage, the Samurai was introduced in the '80s and was quickly embraced by teenage girls for its adorably compact size, its easy-down soft top, and the fact that its color schemes matched the wine coolers and Boone's Farm wines of its occupants.
In Bumpin' Uglies, players design their own Ugly -- an adorably ugly little creature with the intellect of a block of wood -- and fling it head first into the gene pool.
This new collection of adorably funny and mind-bogglingly intelligent pets is expected to levitate to the top of every child's wish list this holiday season.
Dion appeared to be still in shock when he walked onto the stage, but he lit up when he was dancing the adorably quirky dance of his.