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The girls, perceiving such adoration, endeavoured with more or less success to be goddesses.
On the contrary he regarded her with tender adoration as something unattainable.
Another quarter of an hour and the Prince will arrive and the procession will halt for the last time; after the tulip is placed on its throne, the Prince, yielding precedence to this rival for the popular adoration, will take a magnificently emblazoned parchment, on which is written the name of the grower; and his Highness, in a loud and audible tone, will proclaim him to be the discoverer of a wonder; that Holland, by the instrumentality of him, Boxtel, has forced Nature to produce a black flower, which shall henceforth be called Tulipa nigra Boxtellea.
He wrote no more letters, he gazed no longer in rapt adoration, he brought no more votive offerings of gum and pencils to her shrine.
Jenny had, by her learning, increased her own pride, which none of her neighbours were kind enough to feed with the honour she seemed to demand; and now, instead of respect and adoration, she gained nothing but hatred and abuse by her finery.
But love that was feverish and burning, that was adoration, that was madness, it had taken John Thornton to arouse.
For the most part, however, Buck's love was expressed in adoration.
There is passion, adoration, in his eyes, and he goes about in a sort of trance, gazing in ecstasy at the swelling sails, the foaming wake, and the heave and the run of her over the liquid mountains that are moving with us in stately procession.
Then will thy soul thrill with divine desires; and there will be adoration even in thy vanity!
No, it's not the admiration of the crowd has intoxicated her, but the adoration of one.
Peter Julian Eymard/with establishing the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers in Paris in 1858, he also points out that "perpetual adoration of some kind was ever in the church from the earliest days, when the monks spent most of their time in their chapels; but this devotion as applied to the Blessed Sacrament was instituted about 1660 in France by the Sisters of the Annunciation.
The 26-year-old Moorpark native was remembered for his energy, infectious laughter, music and adoration of his family and fellow men.