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Some, like the Pereira family, have been scheduled adorers since the chapel opened.
Giuseppina Fragasso, an Adorer of the Precious Blood, respective presidents of the Rome-based international unions of superiors of religious orders of men and women who organized the Congress.
George's Parish, Worcester, for the past 35 years and held countless roles in ministry including chapel adorer, bereavement committee, lector, choir, women's guild, prayer shawl ministry and CCD teacher.
Each year, the Master Blender will produce a limited number of bottles of this luxurious Scotch whisky, making it a must have product for whisky adorers and collectors alike.
Still, when the video for "Try Me" debuted, her social accounts were flooded with female adorers.
That stream of doting adorers appears to have dried up in the decade and a half since Tiede, now 55, was convicted of killing Marjorie Nugent, 81, a wealthy widow.
October 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of the deaths of five American missionary nuns, members of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (A.
Director- producer- actor- writer, Rangeela earned plaudits from his adorers for his third consecutive super hit film 'Dil aur duniya', October 1, 1971, with Habib, Aasia and Rangeela as cast of the movie.
The secretary of the Nocturnal Adorers Society of Silao informed the rest of the adorers of the bishop's desire.
Her adorers are still stunned by the enormous influence of her voice that she unleashed on them at the age of 85.
Fortunately, as Mooney and Kirshenbaum observe, we practitioners and adorers of science have "the future in our bones" No wonder, then, that the authors' favored solution to the perceived crisis implicates the education of scientists themselves.
We walked him into the winner's enclosure, stood him still and let the adorers mob him.