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In one photo, 16-month-old Eric can be seen resting his head on Simon's chest as the X Factor boss looks adoringly at him.
Gazing adoringly at the actress, Matt looked the part as her Prince Charming.
Andy, 27, and Kim, 26, smooched, cuddled and gazed adoringly at each other.
The BJP prime ministerial candidate met Rajnikanth, adoringly called 'Thalaivar', at his Poes Garden residence in the southern metropolis.
Yet I can make him stare at me adoringly whenever I wish.
30pm BBC1) MICHAEL doesn't want an actual relationship with Alice, but he does enjoy having her hanging around like a love-sick skivvy to run his errands and gaze at him adoringly.
A source told the Sun that Ora and Biel really hit it off as they were both standing looking adoringly at the 'Sexy Back' hit maker as he played his set.
Nawaz said that whole nation was adoringly watching towards PML-N and it will fulfil the expectations of the masses, adding that only strong and character full political leadership can bring the country out from the plethora of problems recently prevailing in the society.
She even adoringly compares little 7-year-old Honey Boo Boo to Shirley Temple.
TED (15, 106 MINS) "HERE is the story of a little boy and his magical wish that changed his life forever," intones the droll Narrator (Patrick Stewart), who transports us back to Christmas 1985, when a boy called John Bennett (Bretton Manley) stares adoringly at his favourite teddy and whispers, "I wish you could talk.
A BARMY arts project will allow people to lie on a trolley and gaze up adoringly at the concrete underside of Spaghetti Junction.
Baby Hollie, who was born weighing just over six pounds, is cuddled adoringly by her sister Lexi while flanked by Holden and her husband, record producer Chris Hughes.