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Wilson interpreted for me to the Tahitian who had paid me so adroit an attention, that I wanted him and another man to accompany me on a short excursion into the mountains.
The court therefore became a brilliant and crowded circle of unscrupulous but unusually adroit statesmen, and a center of lavish entertainments and display.
My prudence consists in avoiding and going without, not in the inventing of means and methods, not in adroit steering, not in gentle repairing.
Even in the School-house, by dint of his command of money, the constant supply of good things which he kept up, and his adroit toadyism, he had managed to make himself not only tolerated, but rather popular amongst his own contemporaries; although young Brooke scarcely spoke to him, and one or two others of the right sort showed their opinions of him whenever a chance offered.
She flung it back with a sudden adroit movement, and her face emerged, smiling.
Rawdon, with roars of laughter, related a dozen amusing anecdotes of his duns, and Rebecca's adroit treatment of them.
And the most experienced and adroit painter could not by mere mechanical facility paint anything if the lines of the subject were not revealed to him first.
Adelie An abridged account about an Antarctic avian, Affirmed awkward at ambulation, Apt, avid and adroit at aquatic aviation.
And Adroit, second to Photo Call on her debut at Fairyhouse, earned a valuable winning bracket when getting the better of Calorie in the opener, after which Lyons stated: "She's a lovely, well-bred filly and it was important to win with her.
The ADROIT is a flexible tool designed with both the forensic investigator and research scientist in mind.
At the end of the day, Adroit Infinitum was named the UAE Professional Category Champions 2013.
Many can broadly be called torch songs, with Almond's adroit lyrics and pleasantly sleazy vocals employed to good effect, dealing with familiar themes of performance and the experiences of the lonely, the unloved, and the atypical.