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Von Papen became vice-chancellor, but Hitler used his position adroitly to achieve a dictatorship, partly by building on reports of a supposed Communist conspiracy against the state.
Adroitly co-edited by Susan Burmeister-Brown and Linda B.
She writes well, keeps up a good pace and uses her material adroitly.
The result is a spellbinding and entirely original neo-gothic thriller that moves the listener adroitly from the world of staged illusion to the otherworldly, from the historical--Nikola Tesla makes an important cameo appearance--to the horror-laden, with all sorts of strange and dazzling stops along the way.
What readers cherish in Rosalind's tale is her unique and poignant coming-of-age story that so simply but adroitly demonstrates the ever-important challenge of learning to know and trust and love oneself.
Though we don't hear his voice, her responses and the vivid interjections from the orchestra, adroitly conducted by Paul Watkins, make his boredom and irritation plain.
During the Parliament's plenary, TV screens will no doubt be adroitly positioned close to political group meetings so they can keep tabs on how their team are faring during the debate on the future of Europe.
Hill adroitly traces the history of the brothers (Harold passed away in 2000) from the black, middle-class vaudeville background of their youth to legendary status.
He performed the task much less adroitly than he usually did.
Butch has adroitly developed business partners and key contacts, white and black, of his own; many are classmates and associates who made inroads into top management positions at the world's leading financial services, publishing, manufacturing, and consumer goods corporations.
Industry is the bad guy for marketing its wares so adroitly, he seems to say; and Americans are chumps for believing it.