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Presently he saw the muzzle of a rifle appear suddenly and mysteriously a few inches above the pouch, and before he could realize the cunning trick that the Arab had played upon him the sight of the weapon was adroitly hooked into the rawhide thong which formed the carrying strap of the pouch, and the latter was drawn quickly from his view into the dense foliage at the trail's side.
Though no more Old English than the works of Kipling, it had selected its reminiscences so adroitly that her criticism was lulled, and the guests whom it was nourishing for imperial purposes bore the outer semblance of Parson Adams or Tom Jones.
She volunteered to copy many of his letters, and adroitly altered the spelling of them so as to suit the usages of the present day.
They kept a sharp lookout on the balls served to them, and without haste or getting in each other's way, they ran adroitly up to them, waited for the rebound, and neatly and accurately returned them over the net.
It was a relief to Bill when the arrival of the waiter with food caused a break in the conversation and enabled him adroitly to change the subject.
returned the lady, tapping him on the arm with the green fan and then adroitly interposing it between a yawn and the company, 'how can you, as a man of the world and one of the most business-like of human beings--for you know you are business-like, and a great deal too much for us who are not--'
In an almost unrivalled example of value, it adroitly uses the Rioja grape, Tempranillo, to bring you soft, juicy, red cherry fruit with all spice and menthol warmth, good fresh acidity and feather-light tannins.
Durham were in trouble at 197-7 but their tail was adroitly marshalled by Gordon Muchall, who finished unbeaten on 81 after he helped Durham's last three wickets add 104 and they collected their first batting bonus points for five matches.
From the only remaining cultural hub in a small town, the Mermaid Cafe, which exists where all others have been shut down by the government and story providing a child's eye perspective on its final demise and its effects on his world and the community at large to a tale of being "alone and helpless in a cold and spiritless house" in 'The Maid', these sagas are first-person reflections of what it means to live in modern Iran, and they adroitly explore the cultural boundaries of its traditions and people.
But there's plenty of life in Steven Spielberg's adroitly staged Atomic Age resurrection.
Unsurprisingly it suggests scope for further improvements between the GBSLEP and our local authorities, with the impact of the LEP being more adroitly measured.
The early history of institutions in New York State, New York City, and Staten Island is adroitly presented as a back-drop that allows the authors to showcase the particulars of Willowbrook itself.