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Shalaby is a brilliant actress who tends always to play different roles with adroitness.
They are either positively reinforcing--a virtuous cycle--or negatively impacting on one another--a vicious cycle--depending on the adroitness of regional policymakers in promoting synergy or "equilibrium" among demands which are sometimes appear to be in conflict with one another.
Moxley's essay is smart, her adroitness in reading poems is obvious, and I'm sympathetic to her aims.
The chapter describes Smith's adroitness in procuring that material previously published be purchased again (more expensively).
His virology expertise, intellectual adroitness and prior experience in the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS coalesced to render him not only expert at anticipating the progress of the epidemiology and pathologies of Zika but also the likely public health response.
The flip side of his endlessly variable adroitness is a weirdly desultory flattening, a sense that every idea, from the throwaway silly to the genuinely profound, has been subjected to the same operations of his gee-whiz contraptionism.
Accordingly, our attacks were deprived of the conventional adroitness.
This part of the meeting needs the adroitness of the chair to steer the discussion and ensures that everybody is able to talk.
His timing of the piano entry raised the hairs on the back of the neck, but that was only one example of the adroitness of his scoring.
Children as less as 7 or 8 years exhibiting their adroitness at handling cell phones and various electronic gadgets is more of a scary proposal than an amusing sight.
And, for an audience of one, Leech seals his adroitness with an impish take on the posh English tones of "Downton Abbey'' creator and writer Julian Fellowes.
A number of critics have praised Hoban's adroitness, and Harold Bloom included the novel in his work The Western Canon (1994), while the author Anthony Burgess wrote that Riddley Walker was exactly what literature should be (12).