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Of course, imitation and adulteration are the essence of competition--they are but another form of the phrase 'to buy in the cheapest market and sell in the dearest.
As no one makes any profit by the sale, there is no longer any stimulus to extravagance, and no misrepresentation; no cheating, no adulteration or imitation, no bribery or
I met men incoherent with indignation at the brutality of prize-fighting, and who, at the same time, were parties to the adulteration of food that killed each year more babes than even red-handed Herod had killed.
Whether it was brought in by the birds of the air, or came blowing in with the very air itself, when the casement windows were set open; whether the baker brought it kneaded into the bread, or the milkman delivered it as part of the adulteration of his milk; or the housemaids, beating the dust out of their mats against the gateposts, received it in exchange deposited on the mats by the town atmosphere; certain it is that the news permeated every gable of the old building before Miss Twinkleton was down, and that Miss Twinkleton herself received it through Mrs.
Mariam added: "The adulterations of pig sources in food products are prohibited in Islam.
In 1820, Friedrich Accum, a German chemist living in London, launched the first salvo in modern food crusades with the publication of the Treatise on Adulterations of Food, and Culinary Poisons.