advantageous position

See: advantage, edge
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Reading it after many years "Karain" produced on me the effect of something seen through a pair of glasses from a rather advantageous position.
May not a more compact and advantageous position turn the scale on the same side, against a superior number so situated as to be less capable of a prompt and collected exertion of its strength?
I determined to give myself as little trouble as possible in this lesson; it would not do yet to trust my unpractised tongue with the delivery of explanations; my accent and idiom would be too open to the criticisms of the young gentlemen before me, relative to whom I felt already it would be necessary at once to take up an advantageous position, and I proceeded to employ means accordingly.
They blinked their eyes, shouldered one another about for more advantageous positions, scratched in the rotting vegetation upon the chance of unearthing a toothsome worm, or sat listlessly eyeing their king and the strange Mangani, who called himself thus but who more closely resembled the hated Tarmangani.
Noble is in an advantageous position as we enter the next phase of the industry cycle with high-specification assets, a substantial backlog, strong customer relationships and world class employees.
However, O'Neill's side found itself in a significantly less advantageous position in their Euro 2016 campaign in October 2015 as reigning world champions Germany arrived in Dublin for the penultimate round of fixtures and to the surprise of almost everyone, were beaten 1-0.
There are two geographical factors that put the Indian maritime sector at an advantageous position - the vast coastline of 7,500 km and the strategic location along most major shipping highways.
It puts us in a more advantageous position than where we were last year and we can go to club games and start to have a look at lads, but that's not on the agenda yet for a few weeks.
Hitachi-GE would like to take a lead in decommissioning business by reflecting each company's advantageous position from the early stage of the study.
It used the PKK's terrorism to secure itself an advantageous position in Ankara's political scene.
Housing association tenants are usually in a much more advantageous position than private tenants who will not receive this largesse based on the wealth that others have built up before them.
According to Collins, Ladbrokes UK were in an advantageous position relative to BoyleSports.