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noun endeavor, enterprise, episode, experience, exploit, happening, happenstance, quest, undertaking, venture
Associated concepts: detour and adventure


verb chance, endanger, hazard, imperil, jeopardize, risk, run the risk, stake, take a chance, venture
See also: bet, enterprise, event, experience, transaction, undertaking, venture

ADVENTURE, bill of. A writing signed by a merchant, to testify that the goods shipped on board a certain vessel are at the venture of another person, he himself being answerable only for the produce. Techn. Dict.

ADVENTURE, crim. law. See Misadventure.

ADVENTURE, mer. law. Goods sent abroad under the care of a supercargo, to be disposed of to the best advantage for the benefit of his employers, is called an adventure.

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We all agreed to this exception, which has never caused problems for anyone, and Adventuresome Bowman rolled on.
For the more adventuresome, there was an opportunity to sign up for a winter camping trip.
This book gives pastors, reachers, students, musicians, worship planners, and entire congregations reason and hope for celebrating imaginatively and purposefully the material of Cods adventuresome and risky Christmas investment.
Always adventuresome he was a certified skydiver and was an avid sports fan who loved to follow the Boston Red Sox and NE Patriots.
Together they will host "curious and adventuresome events", starting with an afternoon tea featuring yachtsman Sir Chay Blyth in London on 5 February.
Traveling to another country is exciting, adventuresome, and sometimes rude - if you are not familiar with the culture, that is.
If you're at a loss for Mother's Day, take a peek: For the mom with a sweet tooth, a book on ice cream from 1894; for the adventuresome eater, Niloufer Ichaporia King's 2008 James Beard Foundation Award--winning My Bombay Kitchen; for a sophisticated palate, a signed first-edition copy of M.
With contemporary energy and youthful allure, Figaro, seen in a period production by Carl Toms from New York City Opera, foreshadowed the more adventuresome productions hoped--for in the new, more intimate 2,200 seat house beginning next season.
An epic tale of forgery could have been the complete story covered by The Forger, but the captivating tale of his escape to Switzerland on a bicycle makes this even more adventuresome.
The whole piece is slightly darker than that but the character is adventuresome and smart.
It will be a tough sell Co and even if officials can grab the attention of the adventuresome, Iraq's tourism facilities are shabby
Not a bad showing for the adventuresome upscale project, the largest multifamily development in downtown North Little Rock.