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Shloer has also become well attuned to consumer adventurousness and, following the success of its Rose variety two years ago which, it says, "demonstrates that consumers have an unquenchable thirst for innovative new flavours", it launched limited edition Shloer Summer Fruit Punch launched in April, and Shloer Berry Punch, which has made its debut for the festive season.
Here we explore why this might be so, and also suggest a few emerging winter sports that have caught on in recent years, suiting varying degrees of both fitness and adventurousness.
Inexplicably enamored by the idealistic, naive Nora, Hassan tries to win her affection by exhibiting traits of valiancy and adventurousness that consequently translate into raping her.
With the innocent adventurousness of childhood, he wasn't scared of the bombs, taking every opportunity he could to get out and explore the flattened, rubble-filled streets following the attacks.
The problem is that you can't dismiss the fears of the first type or the adventurousness of the second.
It is a poetic perambulation through all things green and a virtuostic display of intellectual acumen, scholarly breadth, and interdisciplinary adventurousness.
However, Glad reminds us that some crime could also be the statistical tail of often desirable traits, such as adventurousness or a willingness to take risks.
For Smith and Hemon, this European quality is expressed in the adventurousness of the writing itself--in Smith's words "a strong tendency towards the metafictional"; in Hemon's a "formal diversity" deriving from Europe's history of fragmentation and integration.
Their adventurousness has actually changed the face of British music: early spots on Rinse gave rise to the careers of Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Kano--and, by extension, grime itself.
They are also united by an appetite for formal adventurousness, concern for appropriate use of materials and technology, an awareness of the relationship to landscape or townscape, and the cultivation of a true sense of place and modern domesticity.
When he brings the San Francisco Symphony to the Kennedy Center here Wednesday, the AoradicalAo piece on the program is his own adaptation of LisztAAEs AoTasso, Lament and TriumphAo, in which he augments the orchestration (not actually by Liszt) in ways he feels are in keeping with the adventurousness of LisztAAEs other works.