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With Pat Smullen suspended, Leigh Roche will be on board this Aga Khan-owned Sea The Stars colt, which made a successful debut in Tipperary last month, form which admittedly, received a knock when runner-up Novis Adventus was beaten in Sligo on Sunday.
Novis Adventus Jim Bolger 4th, 1m2f maiden, Cork, April 4 Another quite interesting maiden, won impressively by the Dermot Weld-trained Summaya, and winners look likely to emerge from it.
The fourth point relates to a redating of Gildas' Adventus Saxonum which depends on textual arguments that I will leave to others to debate.
Under the title Adventus Domini, the album presents compositions intended for Rorate, early-morning Advent masses in honour and praise of the Virgin Mary, which were extremely popular in the Czech lands and often sung by literary brotherhoods.
Choo has been Project Leader at Adventus Technology Inc.
Adventism--(from the Latin word adventus meaning "coming") is observed in many Western Christian churches, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the imminent second coming of Jesus.
7) For instance, during his visit to Rome to mark his decennalia in 500, Theoderic enjoyed the last western adventus, the formal and elaborate late Roman ceremonial used when an emperor entered a city.
QUINTUS ANTISTIUS ADVENTUS POSTUMIUS AQUILINUS, from Thibilis (Announa, Algeria), governed Arabia and Germania Inferior, then Britannia from c.
This volume brings together previously published essays by Bryant (history, California State University, Chico) on the topic of rituals, especially the adventus.
17) Clytaemestra especially is fearful of Agamemnon's return and the punishment that the avenger of adultery will inflict on the adulterous couple within his own house (metuens, impura adventus mariti 115, the scandalous woman was fearing the return of her husband); adultera, regia coniux .
of imperial adventus, victory parade and accession ritual.
It then goes on to analyze the contrasting accounts of the adventus Saxonum in Bede and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.