adverse comment

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Just one adverse comment - passengers having mobile phone conversations for 90 minutes about office parties, wedding plans, babies' photos, purchasing new bags and shoes.
Kirklees Council has a duty to ensure that the character and appearance of conservation areas are protected and enhanced therefore this unacceptable situation should be rectified immediately otherwise this eyesore will be with us for years to come and be the subject of continuing adverse comment.
This is a bedrock jumps crowd and much of the chatter is of the Lord Mayor's show last week, with a few wounds still being licked and plenty of adverse comment of the experience Cheltenham offer their racegoers.
Pitch inspector Tony Pigott took a look but departed without passing adverse comment - those comments came, no doubt, from the batsmen.
IT IS not surprising that there is growing adverse comment about the proposal to build a museum on the waterfront.
That's how the maiden open at Hall Green's Sky meeting last week slipped through the net without too much adverse comment - although very long-winded, the race title had no mention of the maiden restriction.
Mr Starmer told the court, ``We say there is a real risk of physical attack if his name and image are shown to-gether, along with adverse comment from police officers about the leniency of his sentence.
He wants the JD( U) to take the first move, and doesn't want the alliance to end because of an adverse comment from the BJP side," a close aide of Rajnath said, adding that the party chief wanted to avoid any more controversy before the crucial Karnataka elections.
Ross made no adverse comment whatever about Eriksson's work as England football manager, which, in the end, is what really matters.
This comes as a welcome injection of favourable publicity after a week in which the news that its chief executive, John King, is to step down at the end of the year has attracted adverse comment.
The only adverse comment is the size of the terminal, described by one as cosy.
He added: "We are concerned there has been an amount of speculation and adverse comment which could adversely effect my clients' trial.