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Ensuring that advertent or inadvertent data disclosure will not occur is particularly challenging in an electronic environment, in which third-party vendors often develop and maintain provider databases.
39) In short, P sought to assure a dispersed and dispirited people that the ancient liturgy was still valid; the Lord would forgive their sins, even advertent sins, and dwell with them again.
Confidential matters can be made public through many different means that are inadvertent or unintentional (and advertent and intentional as well).
1991) (stating that third party bona fide purchaser is one who acquires interest "through an advertent, contractual transaction, as opposed to an inadvertent tortious transaction like embezzlement").
But there is even a further and still less advertent risk in positing a "post-theory" moment or generation, and this is to regard the current sense of theoretical indeterminacy or even impasse as somehow separable from problems and flaws intrinsic to "theory" itself.
Sometimes the legislature's failure to choose from available legislative options, thus preserving the legal status quo, will be the product of an advertent collective choice; other times it will be the product of cycling.
See also IRS Letter Rulings 9037016 (6/15/90), 9044019 (7/31/90) and 9046019 (8/16/90), in which in advertent termination relief was granted under Sec.
The single-biggest risk facing both the United States and Europe is a policy mistake--specifically, an advertent or inadvertent tightening of policy.
The practice before the tribunals also illuminated a number of issues of implementation arising out of advertent and inadvertent discriminatory treatment of women in the process, as well as the need for gender-sensitive protective measures for women victims and witnesses and reliable support to minimize the risks and potential retraumatization of testifying.
5 secures NIH Federal Credit Union's confidential customer information from advertent or inadvertent leaks and meets the increasingly stringent privacy regulations imposed on financial services companies.