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Despite the growing awareness, school advertising is still a grassroots effort, with the districts involved in the business essentially functioning as early adopters of an innovative approach to enrolling students that hasn't yet been streamlined.
We've had enough illegal black market advertising in our City," Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer declared, making it sound as if outdoor ads were promoting contraband rather than iPods, upcoming TV series, public service campaigns and banking services.
Disputes about the meaning of advertising and advertising injury in the insurance context have haunted the country's courthouses well before words such as "cyberspace" and "dot com" became part of our national consciousness.
The answer is clear: They really don't believe advertising works.
Those who formally offer advisory services as registered investment advisers are directly subject to SEC regulation: Running afoul of the commission's advertising rules may result in costly and embarrassing legal problems.
The program for encouraging this advertising is referred to as cooperative advertising.
In other words, the authors propose, press releases should replace advertising.
Two of the nation's largest black-owned advertising agencies made breakthroughs in the advertising industry by scoring major contracts with large corporations in May.
Most publishing insiders agree that considering the many ways there are to sell books, advertising plays a small yet unique role.
The report found that online advertising in Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) accounted for less than 0.
As these comments suggest, supporters of the ban viewed advertising not as a form of communication but as a mysterious force that seduces people into acting against their interests.
In the last 20 years, advertising has become far more pervasive than ever before.

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