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uk, received clearance from the British Board of Film Classification and the Cinema Advertising Authority, but the Digital Cinema Media (DCM) agency, which handles adverts for Odeon, Cineworld and Vue cinemas, has refused to show it.
Here's everything we know about when and where the adverts will air in the run-up to Christmas Day 2015.
The two minute ad, which has been developed by creative agency Dancing Aardvarks and planned and bought by All Response Media, will run alongside a number of 30 second adverts, and builds on the recent 'Slow TV' phenomenon and includes no voice over, or much action.
com Should toy adverts be banned between children's TV shows?
Eventually I found I could pass a bookies but for many years have not had a bet, but I have been tempted many times, and now I find it more difficult to not gamble with the amount of gambling adverts.
ENGLAND'S football flops are still starring in lucrative TV adverts, much to the disgust of disappointed fans.
The companies all issued their adverts through Facebook.
London, June 29 ( ANI ): Social media giant Facebook has decided that it will review its advertising system in order to avoid placing adverts on pages having offensive content.
Turner Broadcasting has apologised unreservedly for showing the adverts on the Cartoon Network and Boomerang between 6.
MP Abdulhameed Al Meer, one of those behind the proposal, said Bahrain was an open country, but some adverts went too far.
Balance is urging people to sign its petition which calls out for a change in regulations to prevent alcohol adverts from targeting children and young people and stop them from being shown through social networking sites and sponsorship of sporting and youth events.
This is the second year running that a Teessider has bagged a role in the famous adverts.