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I use the singular advisedly, because for Himmelfarb the one true morality is an idealised Victorian one, which needs to be restored in all its absolute certainties if we are to emerge from the corruption of relativism and dangerous utopianism.
It is a thoughtful and well researched book, perhaps lacking the oomph and sporadic hilarity of equivalent work on the portraits of early Man (I use the term advisedly, and cognisant of the recently identified female 'drudge on the hide' antitype).
But elsewhere on the extensive menu, far from being rustic, it has a mix of styles - and I use the word "mix" advisedly, because "blend" would suggest some sort of cohesion.
Our Prime Minister has been forced to place his statement on the table of the House because these goons, and I am calling them goons advisedly are refusing to allow parliamentary function.
I too have had numerous quests to understand just how the mail "service" - and I use that term advisedly - actually works.
I use the term "boy" advisedly since, while she is 32 he is just 17, which I believe definitely qualifies.
Walters is best known for his portraits and for portraying movement through his distinctive "double vision" paintings, which are advisedly avoided after one too many.
But having been one of those privileged enough to be at Wembley, I can use that term advisedly and say that it really was the match that put the word friendly back into such contests.
After pointing up the MPs' role in consolidating co- operation, South African Deputy President stressed the need to advisedly make the most of the Continent's natural and human resources, in order to guarantee the progress it needs and give it the position it deserves on the world stage.
Dear Editor, The latest Government intervention to prevent the collapse of Bradford & Bingley ends the sorry saga of former building societies that ill advisedly threw away their trusted mutual status.
The word MAY is used advisedly, as no proof has yet been found.
For lots of them feature on the bottom line -and we use the term advisedly -of Jen's latest underwear bill.