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Deliberation; consultation.A court takes a case under advisement after it has heard the arguments made by the counsel of opposing sides in the lawsuit but before it renders its decision.

See: advice, caveat, consideration, contemplation, deliberation, disclosure, guidance


(US) deliberation. Where the judge takes the matter under advisement he is considering his decision. See also AVIZANDUM, CUR. AD. VULT.

ADVISEMENT. Consideration, deliberation, consultation; as the court holds the case under advisement.

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While the California penal code provides that noncitizens are to be advised that they could be deported, excluded from admission, or denied naturalization as a consequence of a plea, the statute also states that a court must provide an appropriate advisement of the special consequences for a plea, which clearly reveals the legislative intent, and the general advisement provided to persons like his client is not adequate or fair Attorney Ali argues.
To succeed in a college curriculum while still in high school, students must receive excellent advisement, and teachers at WRCHS are trained to help.
Given that the study examines instruction, advisement, and assessment, we should be able to compare apples with apples to arrive at the ideal online class size given available faculty and teacher-student interaction demands.
They are providing the contact with students that the counselors then create for them, our counseling staff creates a, a monthly calendar for advisement and activities that ought to be going on with freshmen and sophomores, juniors and seniors.
For more information on the event, which schools are attending, and how to register, or to get answers to any questions you might have about the event or the Scholarship Advisement Program, please visit www.
with more than $7 billion of assets under management and advisement.
5 billion in assets under management or advisement as of December 31, 2014.
EAST BROOKFIELD - A request to feature live bands or musical entertainment at the new Dunny's Tavern on East Main Street has been taken under advisement until Monday by the Board of Selectmen.
Reimer, who has been at the college since 2005, has served as coordinator of transfer services and as director of advisement and counseling.
Students in the program participate in a variety of rigorous academic activities and support services that include academic excellence workshops, calculator and book loan programs, counseling and academic advisement, scholarship assistance,professional development workshops, guest speakers and field trips touniversities and industry sites.