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SunGard provides an integrated suite of services to help advisors meet the financial needs of their clients, and capitalize on growing opportunities in wealth management.
McGaunn, CPA/PFS, CFP, president of MJM Financial Advisors LLC in Acton, Massachusetts, made a career change to financial planning and wealth management two years ago after working as an auditor and accounting manager.
Further, advisors making a statement about tax consequences after a transaction is entered into may become material advisors, thus blurring the line between material advisors and tax preparers.
RESOURCES for Retirement is one of the top 20 plan advisors in the country, and its staff includes some of most highly regarded leaders in the 401(k) field.
But the Chinese market is just emerging so it can be risky, making it important for financial advisors to give investors a disciplined strategy for pursuing the opportunities in China.
While our name is changing, FAF Advisors will continue to be the same principled, proven, performance-driven, asset manager it has always been.
And to help financial advisors find the materials they need as efficiently as possible, Forefield has incorporated a cutting-edge search algorithm and separated search results into individual content categories.
Matt has been instrumental in the success of IXIS Asset Management Advisors Group," said Mr.
The next level course, "Successfully Transitioning to Fees," is designed for established advisors who are seeking strategies to increase their recurring revenue by offering fee-based wealth management services.
Great American Advisors is a full-service investment firm organized to support a nationwide network of investment professionals and their clients through a complete line up of financial products, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, fixed and variable annuities, unit investment trusts and insurance products.
Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust today announced that its innovative trust service, the Advisor Directed Trust(TM) solution, will now be offered through a national network of financial advisors who work with the Estate Planning Team to help high net worth individuals manage their assets.