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Program description: Ballet, pointe, tap, jazz and aerial arts make up the core curriculum, as well as courses in pedagogy, composition, dance history and choreography.
Aerial photography also has its uses in environmental assessment for tracking changes in specified areas over time.
The concerned SDPO and SHO would be held responsible in case of loss of lives on Chand Raat and Eid due to aerial firing, the officials added.
uk) A GREAT idea - a TV aerial disguised as a photo frame.
Turkish Defense Industry Undersecretariat and Turkey's Vestel Defense Corporation has signed a protocol Tuesday under a project to develop a tactical unmanned aerial vehicle for the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).
If you do need a new aerial, you should expect to pay around pounds 60-pounds 180 for a standard installation.
The bungee-cord-launched "Dragon-Eye" provides organic aerial reconnaissance and surveillance at the small-unit level, giving Marine units the opportunity to observe real-time enemy movements beyond their traditional capacity.
Harvest tips: For use of the aerial parts, plants are cut either in leaf or bloom stage and dried immediately using constant airflow at a steady, high temperature to lock in the color.
The Yankees and sister HAG squadrons flew numerous fixed-wing aerial refueling (FWAR) missions in support of Operation Southern Watch, provided AOR lift for the First Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF), and supported Task Force Tarawa with training sorties.
So for the West, at least, aerial spraying near streams requires a water-pollution permit.
Sean Vernon-Scott heads up the aerial safety division of Equipment World.
The California Fire Pilots Association says aerial firefighters' fatality rates are higher than those of any other firefighters.