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Remembered by friends and colleagues for his affable and genuine manner, Spevok excelled at building relationships--a skill that found him success in a business whose loan products have become more like commodities because of the increasingly prolific and competitive nature of the commercial real estate lending market.
The affable CEO and founder of the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc.
A flurry of activity has been underway at Chrysler headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI, after the automaker's affable former leader, Dieter Zetsche, packed his boxes earlier than anticipated to take the helm of Mercedes-Benz on September 1.
And heading the search is the affable duo of Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsop of Location, Location, Location fame.
Many of us at the conference traded affectionate stories about the indomitable and affable Al.
He's an affable enough fellow, but not the sharpest knife in the box.
The affable Irishman clinched the Embassy World Championship in 1997 with a convincing 18--12 win to end Stephen Hendry's dominance in the tournament.
Moderation in speech, coupled with veracity, makes possible the urbane individual who is affable, likeable, light-hearted, and witty.
But Alex added: 'He was great with us very laidback, very charming and very affable.
Roses on Blue, 2002, harks back to the naive quality of Katz's early collages, combining the affable charm and lyric buffoonery of a classic animation still.
As if singing, speaking, and tapping as the affable hoofer Junior Dolan weren't challenging enough, Cooper also made his choreographic debut with On Your Toes, drawing on his early training at Arts Educational School for the fast-paced swing numbers.
This time next year, the Match of the Day team will be back on our screens, and lovable Lynam will be kicking his heels while Gary Lineker plays the affable anchor (I think I said that right).