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One speaking affectedly about kitchen utensil (6) 17.
Glamorgan would cease to be a member of the ECB, which would affectedly ruin the county.
Glamorgan would cease to be a member of the ECB which would affectedly ruin the county.
Here's a collection of companies that offer solutions to help organizations more affectedly address issues related to TCPA.
She might have attempted to sing less affectedly, in a more childlike way, but that would have meant a loss of projection.
Milnes was a wealthy merchant of woollen-cloth from Wakefield, and Wright depicted him in a Zoffany-esque canvas that shows the man of fashion standing, somewhat affectedly, against a detailed oak tree and open coastal landscape.
But, put bluntly, it spoke screamingly of the intellectual bankruptcy of political grandees strutting affectedly so gloriously as if they are the ultimate genius in the polity.
By "offensive," presumably, Lamb means "more offensive than Elia"--or perhaps just "actually offensive" as opposed to affectedly so.
It's caught national media attention - The Washington Post dubbed it "the world's most twee Obamacare marketplace" - "twee" meaning affectedly cute.
It was also pointed out that different highways including Loralai-Dera Ghazi Khan and other ones in the Pashtoon areas were also badly affectedly but no steps have been taken yet for their restoration by the concerned National Highway Authority (NHA).
The Oxford English Dictionary defines "mincing" as "walking with short quick steps in an affectedly dainty manner".
The outcomes were found to vary considerably, affectedly by the city's motivation for hosting (which influences planning and project funding allocations), its resources, and its position in a regional and global hierarchy of cities.