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If the troubling emotions of melancholy mourning transform subjectivity into a subject-in-process--into a self turning into the other--who is writing Godwin's angry and revengeful letters, his affectless, "stonehearted" diary, or the Memoirs that ruined Wollstonecraft's reputation?
The Velvets juxtaposed childlike melodies with dry, affectless vocals on Sunday Morning and Femme Fatale.
His expression was frank and his tone affectless, as though he were describing a chronic pain to which he'd grown accustomed.
There have been far more horrors committed in our time by the affectless than by the pathologically cruel.
With Paying for It (Drawn & Quarterly), he has drawn a fascinating, though strangely affectless, graphic memoir of his years as a customer of prostitutes, showcasing every single one he has frequented.
Narratives have an affectless quality and protagonists seem isolated, rather than engaged in relationships with one another.
The credits list him as "The narrator," and I would argue that the "I am Jack's" conceit, far from identifying him as an individual, testifies to his psychologically flat, affectless state; indeed, he signifies not an individual with an individual history, but an Everyman whose generalized or representative emotional and physical state fails to compensate for his lack of individual uniqueness and autonomy.
A unifying element in all his work is his deadpan Keatonesque style - artistically and personally affectless.
The danger of unrelenting irony is that it can result in an affectless and flat simulation of reality in which at a certain point everything seems hollow, and nothing therefore matters.
He said that the assistance of the Great Unity Party for the rehabilitation of the flood affectless would always be remembered.
In the realm of symbols he meant the growth of symbols and conceptions that supported these interests: the physics of space, the arts of navigation and civil engineering, the price system, the mathematics of tax collectors and bureaucracies, the entire realm of physical science, and the system of affectless, rational symbols that facilitated those interests.
The Collins Essential Thesaurus, Third Edition, includes words such: hard, cold, cruel, indifferent, insensitive, callous, stony, unkind, heartless, inhumane, merciless, intolerant, uncaring, pitiless, unfeeling, unforgiving, hard-as-nails, and affectless as synonyms to the word.