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AFFIANCE, contracts. From affidare or dare fidem, to give a pledge. A plighting of troth between a man and woman. Litt. s. 39. Pothier, Traite du Mariage, n. 24, defines it to be a an agreement by which a man and a woman promise each other that they will marry together. This word is used by some authors as synonymous with marriage. Co. Litt. 34, a, note 2. See Dig. 23, 1 Code 5, 1, 4; Extrav. 4, 1.

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Three years after forming their affiance, the partners launched a pilot project on 500 acres of the San Juan Forest.
Retail Decisions, an international supplier of payment card, e-business and fraud prevention services, has entered into an affiance with AssureBuy, an online payment processing provider, to offer Retail Decisions' Live Processor[TM] electronic payment software as an outsourced service.
What is less clear is whether today's leaders on either side of the Atlantic are capable of coming together around a new common purpose and the strategic framework needed to modernize and mobilize the Atlantic affiance for this task.
One of the National Center's greatest tools is its affiance with ADVO, the nation's largest targeted direct mail marketing services company that sends out nearly 80 million advertising cards per week with photos of missing children, including enhanced images to show how a child missing for several years would look today.
The psychiatric management of the bipolar patient remains the same, with the new guidelines continuing to recommend establishment of a therapeutic affiance, monitoring of the patient's psychiatric status, providing education regarding bipolar disorder, enhancing compliance, promoting regular patterns of activity and sleep, and anticipating stressors.
Ryall and Sampson examine technology affiance contracts in detail, to explore if and how formal contract terms vary with the availability of informal governance.
The high profile affiance of the three companies brought their considerable influence to bear on t he parties negotiating the peace accords, and in the end contributed to the signing of the accords and peace for El Salvador.
This framework must address the myriad risk-management issues associated with alliances, pinpoint accountability for success or failure at the management level and provide for a viable exit strategy if the affiance doesn't work out.
He presents the danger of a West that is such an arrogant bully that the Sinic and Islamic world, in spite of the existence of territorial conflicts (notable in the struggle of Muslim in Xingiang/Turkistan against Chinese rule), will be pushed into an anti-Western affiance.
Besides, what good could come of knocking some sense into the collective head of the ruling Liberals, forcing them to implement laws to negotiate fair and equitable settlements to Aboriginal rights, concerns, when the plan is to break those same laws if the Affiance ever gets to power?
Britain put forward a proposal for a military affiance based on the ideas of Van Kleffens.