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AFFIANCE, contracts. From affidare or dare fidem, to give a pledge. A plighting of troth between a man and woman. Litt. s. 39. Pothier, Traite du Mariage, n. 24, defines it to be a an agreement by which a man and a woman promise each other that they will marry together. This word is used by some authors as synonymous with marriage. Co. Litt. 34, a, note 2. See Dig. 23, 1 Code 5, 1, 4; Extrav. 4, 1.

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EUROPEAN invaders Moon Queen and Affianced could finish only fifth and ninth respectively behind the fast-finishing 6-1 chance Queue in the Grade 2 Long Island Handicap at Aqueduct on Saturday, writes Dan Farley.
His letter is composed by his affianced bride, of course; there is some authorial playfulness in Austen's version of myth domesticated, though masked by the seriousness of the plot points.
Victor once again flees back to Geneva, where he finally marries his fiancee (they had been affianced since before he left for medical studies in Ingolstadt); but his creature makes good on his revenge-filled threats by killing his wife on her wedding night.
In the back story to the play, he forged--both invented and counterfeited--a tale to deceive the Moresco Ferdinand, Alhadra's husband, into believing that he and a young lady, affianced to Albert, had fallen in love; that the young lady was now with child; and that the return of Albert would spell the death of all three.
The optimal way for the affianced female to discover her beloved Jovani wedding gown is to spend some time perusing the extensive collection of wedding dresses presented on the designer's official website.
His daughters' marriages are already arranged pending his return; they are almost certainly not affianced to the young men they end up with.
London was informally affianced to Phyllis Partington.
Affianced is in turn a half-sister to Group 1 Gran Criterium winner Sholokhov and Athasi Stakes winner Zavaleta, the granddam of Dewhurst Stakes winner Intense Focus.
A woman is seen to be quite capable of attaining a fortune using her own skills, as Martha makes clear, and yet this is not her ambition; she actually wants to "get married and have ten children" (25)--and her affianced, Michael, doesn't seem to promise much in the way of gaining a fortune.
These distorted thinking techniques are not so much to do with a topic as with the aggressive tone of feeding the emotions of the affianced listener.
The art world has affianced itself with Gandhi in such quirky fashions for as long as one can remember.
Pakistan, May 16 -- There was a time when the hot Jennifer Lopez was affianced to an overrated actor Ben Affleck.