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Mycobacterium boris, a close relative of the germ responsible for tuberculosis in people, preferentially afflicts cattle.
The Santa Clarita Arthritis Walk, scheduled for May 15, is among dozens of fundraisers planned nationwide to benefit the Arthritis Foundation and shed light on the debilitating joint disease that afflicts about 66 million Americans.
Allison conducted a series of autopsies in Chile in which he uncovered evidence of Chagas' disease, an incurable parasitic ailment that afflicts some 20 million people in Latin America today.
Gout is extremely painful and infrequently afflicts modern reptiles and birds, says Rothschild.
Obesity afflicts 58 million people nationwide, a population that is growing.
Proceeds from the 10K walk will fund research for the disease that afflicts 30,000 children and adults in the United States, with 1,000 new cases diagnosed each year.