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A subdued, bittersweet ending makes Love's Affliction a strong reminder that it is sometimes better to have loved and lost.
Sweet Affliction is authentic because it is surprising and unexpected.
This was after the latest case of the affliction had just been reported when a group of nomads intend to invest in real estate.
32 affliction really kicked off when I found my first secondhand Single Six .
Nonetheless, the Bush administration and the UN's World Health Organization are prepared to spend billions of dollars to regiment human society just in case this isolated and relatively obscure affliction somehow morphs into a global plague.
County cricket has suffered that affliction for years regardless of the swinging fortunes of the Test side.
Kaylee's sense of her growing attraction to Ramon is realistic, and her synesthesia is an intriguing affliction.
Until recently, obesity was not considered a disease but a self-inflicted, controllable affliction caused by poor lifestyle choices, such as lack of exercise or improper eating habits.
A recent study by the University of Cincinnati looked at the affliction, which the study's author, James Kellaris, calls earworms.
To 99 men out of 100, such an affliction would have terminated all forms of public activity except those of the mind.
Or do the pieces have something to do with death, the black hues signifying suffering and the affliction of mortality?
Surely idiocy informed Purit ans of the purpose of affliction and tested their fortitude in its presence; if nothing else, it served as a reminder that things could always be worse.