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In the place where he had come from there had not been any politics-- in Russia one thought of the government as an affliction like the lightning and the hail.
If thy beauty despises me, if thy worth is not for me, if thy scorn is my affliction, though I be sufficiently long-suffering, hardly shall I endure this anxiety, which, besides being oppressive, is protracted.
Snagsby has to lay upon the table half a crown, his usual panacea for an immense variety of afflictions.
The only person in the house who had any real sympathy for me was the nurse; for she had suffered like afflictions, though in a smaller degree; as she had not the task of teaching, nor was she so responsible for the conduct of her charge.
And added that he hardly knew (not even he), why such afflictions were allowed on earth.
To everybody's amazement he escaped the usual run of childish afflictions.
John was very deaf, and Miss Priscilla very near-sighted, two convenient afflictions for the girls on some occasions, but once they proved quite the reverse, as you shall hear.
This is my favoured lot, My exaltation to afflictions high
When they took sick, even with trifling afflictions that any ordinary man could pull through, they just pegged out.
Such sufferings as these are known only to these natures and to God who sends their afflictions, for they alone can know how deeply the events of life affect them.
But I remembered that I had brought all these afflictions, in a manner wilfully, upon myself; and I determined to bear them without a murmur.
Think of her; think of all the sorrows and afflictions you have shared together; of all the trials, and all the peaceful pleasures, you have jointly known.