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He is drawn as ready to teach, and ready to obey: as simple in affluence, and majestic in adversity.
However, we both made a shift to pick up an uncomfortable livelihood; and for two years I continued of the calling; during which time I tasted all the varieties of fortune, sometimes flourishing in affluence, and at others being obliged to struggle with almost incredible difficulties.
In her animal spirits there was an affluence of life and certainty of flow, such as excited my wonder, while it baffled my comprehension.
The former cast one admiring glance from north to south, and sank his face again beneath the folds of his coat; while the latter contemplated, with philanthropic pleasure, the prospect of affluence and comfort that was expanding around him; the result of his own enterprise, and much of it the fruits of his own industry.
Hitherto she had accepted their ideals without questioning --their kindly affluence, their inexplosive religion, their dislike of paper-bags, orange-peel, and broken bottles.
A few, led by the phantoms of hope, and ambitious of sudden affluence, sought the mines of the virgin territory; but by far the greater portion of the emigrants were satisfied to establish themselves along the margins of the larger water-courses, content with the rich returns that the generous, alluvial, bottoms of the rivers never fail to bestow on the most desultory industry.
Rob Hornby 5 (1) 5 AFFLUENCE (19) Martin Smith 8-11.
Investment in the Powerhouse Fund is available through selected Manulife products including Affluence Max Gold, Affluence Gold, Affluence Builder, Affluence Builder Plus, Education Builder and Horizons.
Le passage frontalier de Melloula, dans la delegation de Tabarka, (gouvernorat de Jendouba) a enregistre, pour la premiere fois, une forte affluence de touristes algeriens, avec l'arrivee de 644 mille touristes jusqu'au mois de decembre 2016, soit une augmentation de plus de 32% en comparaison avec l'annee 2015, indique la Tap, citant un rapport du commissariat regional au tourisme de Tabarka.
Cette mesure a ete decidee, egalement, devant la forte affluence des clients d'Algerie Poste sur les differents bureaux pour encaisser leurs salaires et autres pensions, d'ou l'impossibilite pour ces personnes agees et autres de toucher leurs dus, a-t-il encore ajoute, faisant savoir que plusieurs organismes et societes de la wilaya ont avance leurs dates de virement des salaires au profit des travailleurs.
He demonstrates that, contrary to the popular oculture of povertyo theory, poverty is due to pathological and dysfunctional cultural attributes and a small group of economic minorities who demonstrate the most destructive behaviors, values and cultural tendencies, a culture of predatory affluence as it were.
This new agreement, according to Manulife Philippines, makes Manulife's Affluence Max Gold and Affluence Income available to CTBC Bank's TISD customers, thus broadening the range of investment products available to their customer base.