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Figures vary from 50% in Powys able to afford the prices while Neath Port Talbot and Rhondda Cynon Taf, both top the board at 81%.
Those whose households earn $24,000 to $47,999 a year are half as likely to report struggling to afford food as those who earn less than $24,000, 19.
In addition, the study found that 74% of families who are unable to afford household necessities skip washing dishes or doing laundry, while 63% of these families prioritize washing only the children's clothes in an effort to promote good hygiene among their children.
Yes, I can afford it, but I'm sure that most college students like myself will agree that it is sometimes a struggle
In Ventura County 22 percent of families could afford that first home, down from 23 percent in the second quarter and 26 percent a year ago.
The fact is, once you get past the sticker shock of college costs and truly commit to the goal of a college education, you will find ways to afford that investment.
If you're self-employed or have no employee plan, this may be the only policy you can afford.
Stress Level = Financial Situation: 1 = I can afford Christmas no problem2 = I can afford Christmas without saving beforehand, if I'm careful.
Diego Diaz and his wife, Tonantzin Gamboa, had endured a frustrating 3-year search for a house they could afford before coming to CA.
And, since the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing, an increasing number of Americans can't afford it.
Sure, they were better for the environment, but at $15 per bulb (since reduced to approximately $6), I was sure I couldn't afford them.