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This is an affront to Sardar Patel because iron happens to be a symbol of apshagun ( bad omen)," Rajak said.
The Leeds North West MP said: "It is an affront to the people of Wales when England wrongly use the national anthem when England are playing.
Passing this law would be an affront to thousands of victims of Saleh's repressive rule, including the relatives of peaceful protesters shot dead last year," said Sarah Leah Whitson, the group's executive Middle East director.
Due for completion in 2000, the project was seriously delayed after Italy's flamboyant former deputy of culture, Vittorio Sgarbi, attacked it as an affront to the city's heritage.
It is a big issue for Aung San Suu Kyi, and the behavior of the Burmese (Myanmar) military toward her is becoming a real affront to the international community, becoming an affront to our conscience,'' Ramos-Horta said.
I would consider it an affront and the feeling would linger.
As a hurtling-over-a-street-corner-near-you threat to the common good, there is a Catholic case to be made against SUVs, and, as anyone who has watched an SUV owner barrel blissfully through traffic can attest, they can be an affront to human dignity.
Even before synod met, a group of five current Anglican primates and two retired archbishops wrote the diocese warning that a vote for same-sex blessings "would be viewed not only as a grave affront but will also set in motion' deliberations on breaking communion" with their dioceses.
He views almost all criticism as an affront to the king, and Congress as an impertinence.
Because such a thesis is an affront to the proud people of Paraguay, and because two members of the Committee have condos in Asuncion, Gutteriez's odds of winning the Nobel Prize are miniscule.
The creation of an Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives in the White House not only challenges the fundamental principles of religious freedom but is an affront to the First Amendment to the U.