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I know now that you meant no affront to Dian the Beautiful.
SOUTH of the armory of Westminster Palace lay the gardens, and here, on the third day following the King's affront to De Vac, might have been a seen a blackhaired woman gowned in a violet cyclas, richly embroidered with gold about the yoke and at the bottom of the loose-pointed sleeves, which reached almost to the similar bordering on the lower hem of the garment.
When, however, the Columbiad was entirely finished, this state of closed doors could no longer be maintained; besides it would have been bad taste, and even imprudence, to affront the public feeling.
While many people react to such affronts with cynicism, others remain hopelessly gullible.
This didn't help to ameliorate the affronts to taste he staged in his painting.
Not only is the line grammatically and metaphorically dubious, but it, too, seems cribbed from a Monty Python sketch in which Brit wits like Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw gather and insult the Throne, then blame their blasphemies on one another and scramble to reinvent the affronts into poetic compliments (one line, in fact, concerned a stream of bat's urine - ``a shaft of gold when all around is dark'').
Critics charge that these gas-guzzling moving violations of good taste and self-restraint are nothing better than environment-stomping, high-beam blinding, road-hogging affronts to civil harmony.
Uruguay broke diplomatic relations with Cuba in late April to protest affronts by Cuban President Fidel Castro, who described Batlle as a "Judas" after Uruguay voted against Cuba at the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva.
We are outraged by these affronts to human civility and will do anything on the humanitarian side of the equation to be helpful, but we find ourselves determined to understand the bad guys' story before we conclude they should be bombed to kingdom come and wonder about the efficacy and ultimate usefulness of a tooth for a tooth.
Help team members resist the urge to perceive opposing views as personal affronts.
False accusations aside, I don't think I'd care to be the kind of person who shows zero tolerance for affronts in conversation or manners - tightly wound, we used to call it.
Naked and sprawling, he recomposes his limbs into a lovely configuration as human dignity vanquishes the squalid affronts of horror.