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Families Afield is based on the simple premises that parents, not politicians, should decide at what age a child is mature enough to try hunting and that when introducing a youngster to hunting, earlier is better.
In May 2010, Vermont passed Families Afield legislation allowing kids to hunt with supervision before taking the Hunter Education course.
The A318 Elite corporate jet version could operate even further afield.
This is far afield for them, but it's not a huge part of their business.
The dictionary covers a wider range of terms than parasitology; some virology terms, such as Aino virus, are included, as are some far afield terms, including hundredweight, hydrogen half-cell, and zwitterions.
After a culling, surviving badgers expand their territories and wander far afield, spreading disease, she and her colleagues report in an upcoming Journal of Applied Ecology.
For the OWI, over a period of four weeks in 1943, she traveled as far afield as Chicago and Chattanooga to create the first installment of what was perhaps her most emblematic photo-essay, "Bus Story.
Discussion of marginal commentary in James Joyce's Ulysses, along with its appearance in the works of Coleridge and Poe, also seems somewhat far afield when applied to a rather lengthy theoretical analysis about Renaissance margins and marginality.
Although the issue in that case (the right to travel) was far afield from bookselling, the Institute for Justice hopes the clause can be revived as a protection for entrepreneurs of all kinds facing anti-competitive regulations.
History has often demonstrated that the wealth of new technologies is found far afield of initial market targets.
and Canada, but we help promote the conference further afield, especially in Asia Pacific and Europe.
For those who want to explore even further afield, the coastal trail connects with two other outstanding bike paths at either end, the Galloping Goose Trail and the Lochside Trail (250/953-2033 or www.