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As well as the physical after-effects, meningitis left its mark on his education.
There is no monitoring system introduced to keep an eye on the new seed quality and proper germination and no study has been done before allowing its sowing, regarding the after-effect and behavior of plants of the particular variety's seed, he added.
After a physical game Sunday in which he was hit by a pitch and made a diving catch, the only after-effect for Angels center fielder Torii Hunter was some stiffness.
Do you agree, or is it just a temporary after-effect of the crisis?
We have no proper details about the after-effect of swine flu and it is better we take proper action and one of the main precaution should be to keep children out of the school.
However, one could also propose something else--that this disparity of form and content is a willful aesthetic "failure" that highlights the impassable gap between raw human experience and its artistic after-effect.
Columnist Nabil Boumounsef, of the conservative daily AN NAHAR, on Monday claimed that the "current political escalation" by MP Michel Aoun and his followers was a natural after-effect of the political earthquake generated by Druze warlord's decision to quit the ranks of the majority.
It's the after-effect from a generation whose parents have given everything to but face time, placing work above all else.
Although the 6-0 hammering of Dave Jones' side at Preston has, by in large, been written off as a freak scoreline, the after-effect of such a demoralising day has had some supporters sweating.
The reliance on retained earnings reflects the after-effect of the oil-driven liquidity boom of recent years.
The only after-effect is the guilt I feel about failing to support the country's pharmaceutical industry.
Here, the first part of the operators considers the after-effect of load deviations (within the day), which precede the present time interval.