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But the motion aftereffect may not be automatic after all, according to a study in the March 1 NATURE.
But at this point, they caution, data on the behavioral aftereffects of marijuana are preliminary.
Nonetheless, Stothers and other researchers have been able to get a feel for the duration and magnitude of a number of historic volcanic eruptions and their aftereffects.
Two generations later, pregnancy drug's aftereffects still not fully understood
And we want them to know they shouldn't feel crazy (in) going through all the aftereffects of sexual abuse - depression, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks.
Friday the market will digest the aftereffects of Thursday's mid-quarter conference call from Novellus (NASDAQ:NVLS) and Friday's July Personal Income/Spending reports, Michigan sentiment and Chicago PMI Index.
They talked about the tremendous impact this has had on their daughter's life, not only the physical aspect but the emotional aftereffects,'' Deputy District Attorney Chris Estes said.
If a match is found, a marrow donation would occur later, Valde said, and the only aftereffects are temporary soreness and weakness.
To help businesses plan for and manage the aftereffects of integration, Archer will explore the common struggles that can quickly derail integration efforts and how organizations can overcome them.
Slimak said he wanted to limit the aftereffects of a trip that takes 13 hours from the Kingsmen's dormitory doors in Thousand Oaks to their hotel doors here.
Although the overall Orlando market has suffered from the aftereffects of the terrorists attacks, we believe this hotel has great growth potential, especially after we complete the upgrade program.
The normal aftereffects are some stiffness and tenderness anywhere from two days to two weeks.