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He has few, if any, changes in mind for the Afterthought, which he agrees "has been around forever.
Native Scout: today's race looks like an afterthought
Gibson's brief Resurrection scene, which appears more as a tacked on afterthought than an integral part of the narrative, doesn't alleviate the "God as monster" motif.
Events in recent months and years that have impacted on energy costs, as well as concerns about greenhouse gas emissions from energy generators are necessitating that companies rethink the use of air as a "resource" than simply as an afterthought to the main thrust of extracting ore.
Once an afterthought, technology now represents one of the most significant financial and operational issues impacting real estate decisions.
Akbar decided to spend his summer vacation with his father, and almost as an afterthought brought along a tape recorder.
I only wish this story was the exception, but properly designing multimedia facilities continues to be an afterthought rather than a required element to be planned into the beginning of every classroom remodeling and construction project," says Ewing.
This theory is not some logical afterthought of Aquinas' "just cause" theory, as McBride suggests, but is that principled logic which underpins it.
And last, if the fad diet addresses the dreaded issue of regular exercise, it does so in passing or as an afterthought.
In our view, this indicates that the other components of the display are an afterthought, at best, secondary in importance to the Ten Commandments, and suggests that the Commonwealth acted with a predominantly religious purpose," Chief Judge Boyce Martin wrote for the court majority.
It's kind of an afterthought,'' said Thorpe from the Aussie swimmers' Sindelfingen training camp.
Finally storage is no longer a Microsoft afterthought.