against free trade

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This clearly militates against free trade in the EU, as we will inevitably end up with a patchwork quilt of unilateral arrangements.
President Obama campaigned against free trade agreements but has come to embrace this agreement as an important part of his National Export Initiative and the nation's overall economic recovery.
Assocham president Swati Piramal said the Bill was against free trade and is a non- tariff barrier.
No argument against free trade can justify the negative impact to economic and human development .
In other words Reinert is arguing against free trade and open markets as the optimal mechanism whereby developing nations could make the transition from underdevelopment to development.
All politicians of his day spoke for or against free trade.
He also has backed away from his strong rhetoric against free trade during the 2008 presidential campaign, saying he now favors bilateral deals with Panama and Colombia.
The party retook Congress in November 2006 not by railing against big government but by running against free trade, fielding more anti-abortion candidates in red states, and stressing Republican incompetence and corruption.
South American social movements, who have years of experience fighting against free trade, have integrated Palestine solidarity into their general work.
These rescue packages are under scrutiny by WTO members to see whether they discriminate against free trade on fears that protectionism could worsen the crisis.
The primary argument against free trade appears to be preventing underage access to alcohol.
Ontrade, it will be essential to ensure that some of the protectionist noises from Obama and leading Democrats in the House and Senate are not translated into action against free trade.