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BBC accountant Oliver Ager, 35, has been jailed for two years >
WORLD WAR SHOE: The women's brogue was left undiscovered in a cupboard at Coventry's Charles Ager shoe shop
TARGET Ann with cash tin GOTCHA Ager caught on film
We look forward to working with Ager on these and other opportunities with much anticipation," added Joao Teixeira, Senior Managing Director and head of GTIS Partners' Brazil efforts.
Commenting on his new role, Ager said: "I'm excited to join Ketchum because the team is putting creativity at the very heart of their business and they're pushing to help redefine what a global PR agency can offer.
Talking about "former pupil A", panel chair Steve Powell told yesterday's hearing: "He had been involved in sexual relations with Ms Ager for one or two months.
Ms Ager, who was not present nor represented at the hearing, denied the allegations but yesterday the panel found the facts to show unacceptable professional conduct.
The partnership will enable Charles Ager to take its products out further than its stores in Coventry, Kenilworth and Swadlincote, in Derbyshire.
Established in 1840 by skilled craftsman Charles Ager, the retailer has thrived as a family business, with branches in Kenilworth and Swadlincote in Derbyshire and is one of the largest retailers of Clarks children's shoes in the Midlands.
Emma Louise Ager, who taught English at Rhymney Comprehensive school, is alleged to have had a sexual relationship in 2008 with a 16-year-old student known only as "former pupil A", at the school.
And since Mrs Smith started at the Coventry Charles Ager store, when she was just 15, she's collected many regular customers, some whose feet she's measured both as children and adults.