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Our TEM data showed a predominance of agglomerated nanoparticles in nanopowders M and K, and a high number of agglomerated nanoparticles that were in contact with the surface of larger particles in regular powder E.
This agglomerated tailings paste fill (ATPF) consists of pelletized mill tailings as aggregates and also tailings for the matrix of paste fill along with cementing binders.
The sample with the agglomerated blends of sodium phosphate had a higher pH than did all of the other samples, except for the one containing poly- and pyrophosphates.
The other possibility is that individual or small groups of particulates were initially phagocytized and became subsequently agglomerated within the cell.
Agglomerated and loaded on pads 17,075 MT Head grade - gold 3.
However, the OPTIA(TM) silicon wafer contains no agglomerated crystal-related imperfections on the surface and throughout the depth of the wafer, a significant advantage allowing semiconductor manufacturers to realize higher device production yields.
The paddles, which do not contact the screen, also serve to break-up agglomerated materials.
The component with a cohesive character may be an agglomerated solid, a liquid droplet or a gas bubble.
Quickcolor is a Patent Pending agglomerated, non dusting colour delivery system which is easily measurable and quickly dispersible in hard candy products.
Particles identical in composition to the matrix yielding the most uniform dispersions, while particles differing in composition from the matrix form agglomerated structures (30).
Construction of the heap leach facilities at Bulawan is now fully complete and the stacking of agglomerated ore onto the leach pad is in progress, with leaching to start by the end of this month.