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The Indigo agglomerator is installed in front of an existing unit's electrostatic precipitator.
Introducing Recostar 65 Universal Recycling Line, which combines a shredder, agglomerator, and extruder to recycle low-bulk-density material.
The agglomerator is a means for advanced control of fine sub-micron sized particulate emissions from utility and industrial smokestacks.
Littleford Day is a manufacturer of processing equipment including horizontal mixers (batch and continuous), granulators, extractors, agglomerators, vacuum driers, conical mixers, sigma mixers, vertical high intensity mixers, liquid dispersers, pressure reactors, sterilizers, and size reduction equipment.
gSOLIDS covers units such as high-shear wet granulators, fluidized bed dryers, mills, screens, spray dryers and agglomerators.
But as of late, it's FEECO's rotary drum agglomerators that have brought attention.
gPROMS Solids helps engineers to optimise the operation of units such as high shear wet granulators, fluidised bed dryers, mills, screens, spray dryers and agglomerators in order to maximise throughput, ensure product quality, size recycles and surge bins for new plants and in general to determine the optimal trade-off between capital and operating cost and make informed purchasing decisions.
The development of intensive high-shear mixers for microagglomeration and selective agglomeration, and disk and drum agglomerators encouraged widespread investigations of applications of the technology in the chemical and resource-extraction industries.
All conveyor systems, crushers, agglomerators and ore stackers are operating as designed.
Other bulk processing equipment manufactured by the company includes circular vibratory screeners, centrifugal screeners, bag dump screeners, static sieves, agglomerators and powder coaters.
Agglomeration Equipment AGGLOMERATORS, fluid bed APV Americas 9525 W.