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Moreover, in our study a few human serum samples showed high IgM as well as IgG titres, similar to that by Terpstra et al (21) where characteristically high IgM, IgG and agglutinating titres were found only in patients with current leptospirosis.
On the other hand, nouns and verbs constitute open (productive) classes, posing specific computational challenges in terms of the rich agglutinating morphology of Setswana.
Cable, and Alcee Fortier) we find an agglutinating voodoo rising from crossroads of Haitian vodou, catholicism, Senegambian "nyama," Kardecian spiritism, masonic rites, revolutionary romanticism, and carnivalesque performance in a manner divining the birth of jazz.
There is also an area of SOV, agglutinating languages, perhaps not entirely separate from the subcontinent, running in an arc from Turkey to Japan.
The coking coal produced in the Pingdingshan region has particularly high agglutinating value combined with low levels of ash, sulfur and phosphor, which sets our region's coal resources apart from other coal-producing provinces in China," said Jianhua Lv, the Chief Executive Officer of SinoCoking.
Agglutinating antibodies against pathogenic Leptospira in healthy dogs and horses indicate common exposure and regular occurrence of subclinical infections.
Based on HA test results of VNN Coat Protein to Humpback grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) erythrocytes obtained the highest dilution titer at 1/64 (Table 1), which means that the coat protein is able to agglutinating VNN red blood cells (erythrocytes) normal Humpback grouper up to 64 times dilution.
Due to the agglutinating nature of Northern Sotho and the possibility to concatenate up to six verbal extensions, a morphological analyser has to be designed to deal with an intricate morphology such as that of Northern Sotho.
Kulonen does not believe that common Uralic possessive suffixes and personal inflections could have formed by agglutinating respective personal pronouns with preceding noun and verb stems, as Uralic personal pronouns are too irregular for that.