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the use and exploitation of flags, symbols, slogans, music and art, for the aggrandizement of politicians, media mavens, talk show hosts (secular and religious), and hucksters of paraphernalia of all kinds, from bumper stickers to jewelry, to survivalist gear and armaments.
The Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate and the aggrandizement of the Zionists has left no room for peace, and hatred has developed in the Holy Land.
Topics include British and American acquisition of Mediterranean art as a form of imperialist aggrandizement, transmission and transposition between Lucretius's scientific text De Natura Rerum and English poet Basil Bunting's Briggflats, echoes of Bruno and Lucretius in James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, appropriation of the medieval techniques of the French Troubadors in the writings of Ford Madox Ford, and the encounter between English and Spanish cultures in George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia
India is concerned over the decision of USA to pull out from Afghanistan which it says could hurt India with the aggrandizement of the Taliban and create uncertainty in Afghanistan.
The task of the diplomat, to use a blunt 15th century expression, is to seek the preservation and aggrandizement of his own state.
We could go on and on about how great Worcester novelist Jack O'Connell's fourth novel, a dark thriller titled "The Resurrectionist," is but then you would just accuse us of local literati aggrandizement and, eeuuww, that would smart.
It is not personal aggrandizement or national prestige but rather "repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins" (v.
If a president could be a "king for four years," they reasoned, then he could easily abuse his powers to make himself a king for longer, or worse, launch the wars of whim that James Madison saw as the "true nurse of executive aggrandizement.
Scott himself, leader of the Mexican City campaign, privately in 1846 told Richard Pakenham, British minister to the United States, that he was "ashamed" of the war and "entirely opposed to the idea of territorial aggrandizement at the expense of Mexico.
Even in his role as patron of letters, however, the historical record is unkind, usually attributing his motives to a desire for self aggrandizement and recognition on the model of Federigo da Montefeltro or Alfonso of Aragon.
Together, this Fellowship of the Ring set out for Mordor, battling orcs, wolves and their own desire to use the ring for their own aggrandizement.
An aversion to permanence and aggrandizement has produced a new and challenging climate for architecture, which has a crucial part to play in shaping new institutions through the encouragement of dignity and delight.