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Any circumstances surrounding the commission of a crime that increase its seriousness or add to its injurious consequences.

Such circumstances are not essential elements of the crime but go above and beyond them. The aggravation of a crime is usually a result of intentional actions of the perpetrator. Such crimes are punished more severely than the crime itself. One of the most common crimes that is caused by aggravation is aggravated assault.


(Annoyance), noun complication, difficulty, distress, frustration, grievance, harassment, irritant, irritation, nuisance, ordeal, pressure, provocation, strain, stress


(Exacerbation), noun agitation, augmentation, deepening, enlargement, excitation, fomentation, heightening, increase, inflammation, magnification, stimulation, worsening
Associated concepts: aggravated assault, aggravation of a crime, aggravation of damages, aggravation of injury, aggravation of the disability
Foreign phrases: Omne crimen ebrietas et incendit et deeegit.Drunkenness both inflames or aggravates, and unnovers every crime.
See also: complication, damage, detriment, harm, molestation, nuisance, pain

AGGRAVATION, crimes, torts. That which increases the enormity of a crime or the injury of a wrong. The opposite of extenuation.
     2. When a crime or trespass has been committed under aggravating circumstances, it is punished with more severity; and, the damages given to vindicate the wrong are greater.

AGGRAVATION, in pleading. The introduction of matter into the declaration which tends to increase the amount of damages, but does not affect the right of action itself. Steph. Pl. 257; 12 Mod. 597. See 3 An. Jur. 287, 313. An example of this is found in the case where a plaintiff declares in trespass for entering his house, and breaking his close, and tossing his goods about; the entry of the house is the principal ground and foundation of the action, and the rest is only stated by way of aggravation; 3 Wils. R. 294; and this matter need not be proved by the plaintiff or answered by the defendant.

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The sheriff highlighted the previous convictions with aggravations relating to football and religion, and sexual orientation.
Rehabilitation daycare services nursing and livelihood support for the elderly are very effective in preventing aggravation.
Such tensions may easily spill over to the parent-child relationship in the form of parental aggravation and stress.
Previous attempts at a distance similar to today's have been inconclusive with regards to stamina - he was brought down in one instance and probably needed the run on the other occasion - but based on his Market Rasen win, as well as his last two runs, it seems highly likely there will be more to come from Aggravation this afternoon.
Two were breach of the peace, one of which was with religious aggravation.
President al-Assad and Emir of Qatar stressed the importance of stability, security and preventing the aggravation of the situation in Lebanon.
In the scheme of things, paying for parking is a minor aggravation - more than free places to park, what downtown Eugene needs is more reasons to visit.
The 2009 term of court demonstrated the complexity of applying Rule for Courts-Martial (RCM) 1001(b)(4) (1) to identify proper aggravation evidence.
1 : an act or the result of making worse or more serious <All that walking resulted in aggravation of an existing knee injury.
ERCs cause far more anguish for homeowners and far more aggravation for lenders", he says.
Having one's identity stolen can cause years of agony, including problems obtaining credit, the aggravation of having to clean up one's financial report and even legal problems.