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It appears that the use of the ASW and MWS methods would be appropriate for the observation of aggregated material > 100 [micro]m, whereas the EOE method is more appropriate for aggregates within the 2-100 [micro]m fraction.
For audit purposes this information may not be aggregated with other opinion units even if the combined opinion unit is not material to the primary government.
179 expenses allocated to him from each partnership is aggregated with any nonpartnership Sec.
However, extracted, aggregated data from mixed-source PLM, ERP, CRM and other systems may lack key unifying elements, such as color or cost, that facilitate collaboration on projects or products across dispersed teams.
The weighted average credit quality of the aggregated portfolio for XLFA and XLCA was 'A' at June 30, 2004, stable with prior year and in line with the more established 'AAA' primary financial guarantors.

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