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Options include trapping coyotes more aggressively, actively enforcing a law that bans residents from keeping pet food outdoors overnight and boosting public education efforts.
Governor McGreevey's administration has clearly stated its intention to pursue NRD damages much more aggressively than in the past, and we expect the number of claims in New Jersey to start rising dramatically within weeks," explained Doug Real, senior project manager of environmental consulting firm BEM Systems, Inc.
We at BLACK ENTERPRISE have worked to change this by aggressively promoting entrepreneurial education, particularly to our black youth.
The savvy acquisition strategy probably explains why Bradesco remains among the region's big players and well positioned to acquire local and multinational companies that until recently were aggressively buying or building businesses.
We are aggressively applying for applied degrees," Filion says.
Last year, it assembled a team of senior marketing and engineering executives that has been aggressively pursuing new orders.
The 1 man (point guard) gives support when the ball is away, guards it aggressively when it's not on his wing, and keeps it out of the high post when it's anywhere else.
has been hesitant since the passage of GAIT, others are moving forward aggressively in the trade arena:
Managing risks aggressively means attempting to create situations in which everyone wins except the abuser.
Shaq tells me to play more aggressively and Kobe (Bryant) tells me to play more aggressively,'' Madsen said Friday night, minutes after he turned in a strong 14-minute effort on both ends of the court and helped the Lakers to their blowout victory in Game 3 over the Spurs.
By acquiring real estate, investing in stocks, and aggressively eliminating debt, they plan to make their dreams a reality.
Many scientists believe that cigarette manufacturers aggressively target blacks in advertising campaigns designed to draw in new smokers.