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The open architecture design of the Agilis 3 software application reduces the time and cost of implementing advanced functionality, such as branding elements, text messaging and email alerts, receipts via a mobile device and customized preference settings, into the ATM channel.
Agile Financial Technologies has managed to meet the demands of the African market and the size of insurers competing in this continent in the recent past, and we think that with its Agilis Life, Pension and Annuities system, Agile Financial Technologies has a good asset to expand its client base going forward", stated Nicolas Michellod, Senior Insurance Analyst at Celent.
In order to assess the importance of this habitat for gibbon conservation, a population of Hylobates agilis albibarbis was surveyed in the Sabangau peat-swamp forest, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Old World monkeys Cercocebus agilis (agile mangabey) 6 3 (50) C.
It looks to be a bit pricey, and it could be negative for sentiment on Credit Agricole stock," said Agilis Gestion, fund manager at Ion-Marc Valahu, whose portfolio includes Credit Agricole shares.
Dozens of young sand lizards -Lacerta Agilis -were released at Presthaven Sands Haven Holiday Park,Gronant.
Amanda Perrett has given an entry to Cat Ona High, twice a winner last year, and Brian Meehan has entered Wake, while there are also nominations for all-weather winners Agilis and Joe Bear, trained by Jamie Poulton and Philip Mitchell respectively.
We think the horse has a massive chance, but his presence, and that of Satelcom does give us some each-way value about others, notably AGILIS.
Satelcom did just that at this track last month, finishing strongly to take a seven-furlong nursery to get the better of Agilis, who has plenty of ability at this level and had won two of his previous three starts.
Agilis, Brilliant Red and Dolphinelle were all on the mark but the trio almost didn't make it after the brakes on Poulton's horse box failed.
Steward owns both Agilis and Dolphinelle who scored at nice odds as part of a 1,121-1 treble for trainer Jamie Poulton.
Sereno announced his discovery on Thursday and said he named the new species Deltadromeus agilis, or ``agile delta runner'' because the bones show that it was ``the most slender and agile large predator that we know of.